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Hy-pro Hydraulic Filters and Hydraulic Filter Interchanges

Progressive Power & Control carries hydraulic filters, filter elements, filter assemblies, hydraulic filter interchanges, Hy-Dry Breathers and transmission kits from Hy-Pro.

Hy-Pro hydraulic filter interchanges are available for:

  • Allison Transmission filter
  • Argo hydraulic interchange filters
  • Baldwin hydraulic filters interchanges
  • Cincinnati Milicron hydraulic filters
  • Commercial Filters interchange
  • Cuno hydraulic filters
  • Donaldson hydraulic filters
  • EPE hydraulic filters
  • Fairey Arion interchange filters
  • Filtrete hydraulic filters interchanges
  • Filtersoft filters
  • Fleetguard interchange hydraulic filters
  • General Electric hydraulic filters
  • Hilco hydraulic filter interchanges
  • Hycon filters interchanges
  • Hydac filter elements
  • Internormen interchange hydraulic filters
  • Kaydon filter interchanges
  • Mahle hydraulic filters
  • Moog filters interchanges
  • Norco filters
  • Pall filters
  • Parker Hanafin hydraulic filter interchanges
  • Porous Media hydraulic filters
  • Purolator filters
  • PTI filters
  • Schroeder hydraulic filter interchanges
  • Separation Technologies hydraulic filters
  • Stauff filters
  • Textron filters interchanges
  • Vickers interchange hydraulic filters
  • Western filters interchanges
  • Westinghouse filters
  • Zinga hydraulic filter interchanges

Hy-Pro Vac-U-Dry Vacuum Dehydrators

Hy-Pro Vac-U-Dry dehydrators are equipped with high efficiency filtration to remove particulate contamination. Keeping fluids clean and dry extends component and bearing life, increasing productivity, minimizing downtime and preventing premature fluid replacement.

Hy-Pro Filter Assemblies

  • High Pressure
  • Return
  • Off-line
  • Spin-on

Hy-Pro Filter Elements

  • Hy-Pro G6 Dualglass
  • DFE rated filter element upgrades for all major filter manufacturers and OEMs plus enhanced designs NSD (non-spark), Dynafuzz (stainless fiber media), lube specific, water removal.
  • replacement elements

Hy-Pro Hy-Dry Breathers

  • Removes water and particulate contamination as from the air that systems breathe.

Hy-Pro Transmission kits

  • Hy-Pro transmission kits are a direct replacement for the Allison World Transmission kit

Filter Element Upgrades

Hy-pro offers DFE rated filter element upgrades for all major manufacturers of filters.

  • NSD (non-spark)
  • Dynafuzz (stainless fiber media)
  • Lube specific filters
  • Water removal filters

Varnish Prevention & Removal

Hy-Pro filters to remove varnish deposits and prevent varnish from re-forming.

Phosphate Ester Fluid Solutions

  • Trouble free EHC operation
  • Avoid servo valve failures
  • Avoid system flushes and fluid replacement

Fluid Conditioning Equipment

  • Hy-Pro filter carts maintain proper fluid condition
  • Dedicated off-line filtration
  • Vacuum dehydration
  • Turbine oil & fuel coalesce
  • Soluble varnish removal SVR
  • Electrostatic contamination removal systems

Duplex Filter Assemblies

Continuous filtration - duplex filter assemblies provide constant filtration

High Pressure Filters

High pressure in-line filters for pump discharge, servo actuators & more up to 8700 psi / 615 bar.

Low Pressure Filters

High flow low pressure filters used for in-tank return-line applications, bearing lubrication, in-line fuel filtration and off-line filtration.

Fluid Analysis & Monitoring

  • Control particulate and varnish with Hy-Pro patch test kits.
  • Oil analysis kits - detailed information on oil condition including AN, water, elemental analysis & ISO code.

Reservoir Accessories - Hy-Pro breathers

  • Hy-Dry desiccant
  • High flow BF particulate breathers and spin-ons.
  • Prevent contamination in lube, hydraulic and fuel systems.

Hy-pro filter assembly
Hy-pro filter assembly

Hy-pro filter elements
Hy-pro filter elements

Hy-pro Hy-Dry Breathers
Hy-pro Hy-Dry Breathers

Hy-pro transmission kits
Hy-pro transmission kits

Hy-pro Duplex Filter Assemblies
Hy-pro Duplex Filter Assemblies

Hy-Pro fluid conditioning Vac-U-Dry
Hy-Pro fluid conditioning Vac-U-Dry vacuum dehydrator for removing water and other contaminants from hydraulic fluids

Hypro high pressure filters
Hypro high pressure filters

Hypro low pressure filters
Hypro low pressure filters

Hy-pro reservoir accessories
Hy-pro reservoir accessories